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Working with Principal Grable and Indian Trail teachers and staff, the PTO supports programs to enhance students’ education across a wide variety of areas. We thank you for your support of our fundraisers!


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Indian Trail PTO Committees


There’s a wide range of ways to get involved: helping with keeping the PTO running; helping one of the teams come up with its next program; and pitching-in for programs that are already in the works.

  • Here are some of the ways you can help:
  • Input emails to add all families to our directory app;
  • call or email potential PTO sponsors;
  • help coordinate yearbook purchases for this year;
  • help coordinate teacher appreciation week;
  • coordinate the Box Top program;
  • translate PTO documents into Spanish; and
  • help coordinate school supply kits for next year 

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Food Drive Committee
Chair:   Chair - Jamie Kach

Coordinate food needs for Moraine Township Pantry and Indian Trail.  Organize, promote, and get volunteers for 2-3 food drives per year (depending on needs).

Parent Breakfasts Committee
Chair:   Chair - Jamie Strait

Organize and promote 2 events per year to be held in the morning before school starts: Dudes & Donuts and Gals & Goodies. 

PTO Board
Chair:   Open

The 2017-18 PTO Executive Board 

Presidents: Elisa Drake and Julie Walter

Vice President/Previous Past President: Wendy Bloom

Vice President: OPEN

Vice President: Debbie Lund

Treasurer:  Courtney Fedascek & Jessica Millen 

Recording Secretary: Heather Dainas

Yearbook Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs- Jessica Millen and OPEN

Work with our teachers and IT rep (Herff Jones) to design  the yearbook.  Photographers needed to record events throughout the school year.  Need someone to facilitate  distributing the yearbooks  at year-end. 


Back To School Bash Committee
Chair:   Julie Walter and Elisa Drake

Our back to school bash will be on 9/22 from 5:30-7:30

dj, food and lots of fun!

District 112
Chair:   D112
Ice Skating Night Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs - Conor Heaton and Dorota Wandycz

For our ice skating fundraiser at Centennial Park, help out event night with set-up/cleanup or by working the check-in or snack table, organizing the teacher raffles and/or help to plan and publicize the event.

Welcome Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs – Open

Volunteer the night of our Welcome Back Party to help set up/clean up or work a table.  If interested, help plan next year’s event.

Bingo Night Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs - Wendy Bloom and Open

Work during our family-friendly Bingo Night at the check-in, snack, prize, music tables and with set up and clean-up.  Help planning the event is welcome too.

Teacher Appreciation Committee
Chair:   Heather Wiers, Laura Docks, Lindsay Stein

Help to plan how we will show our appreciation for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week and on parent-teacher conference days such with treats and decorations.  Volunteer to bring in treats, decorations or other items needed for teacher appreciation days.

Blessings in a Backpack Committee
Chair:   Chair – Caroline Johnson

Help with our program in which food donations are sent home with students as part of the Blessings in a Backpack program.  This program is run with IT volunteers at Wayne Thomas.

Box Top Committee
Chair:   Chair - Noell Vaughn and Dorota Wandycz

Implement easy fundraiser in which families are asked to collect box tops and bring them to school, and PTO is paid for number of box tops collected.  We are looking for families to help count box tops.


Chair:   Elisa Drake

Volunteer at the PTO's new STEAM program during student lunch/recess

Mondays and Fridays in the little gym


This amazing new programming will be led by Mrs. Grost and Mr. Brandstrader!

Coat and Boot Drive
Chair:   Shirley Harwood

Every year our fabulous coat and boot drive committee collects gently used coats and boots and redistributes them to those who need them throughout the Highland Park Community.

Fifth Grade Graduation Committee
Chair:   Co-chairs - Wendy Bloom and Jessica Millen

Help plan, publicize, fundraise and execute the 5th grade graduation celebration and class gift.  Also, coordinate with Sherwood families to plan a year-end mixer event for Indian Trail and Sherwood students to meet.  

Ice Cream Days Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs Alisha Levin and Caroline Johnson

Ice Cream Committee orders and distributes our once-a-month fundraiser during lunchtime.

Paperless PTO Committee
Chair:   Open

Program and update the Indian Trail PTO website.  Volunteer from home--approximately 15 hours of work throughout the year.

School Supplies Committee
Chair:   Liz Kubicki and Rosi Perea

Implement our fundraiser in which parents purchase a kit with all school supplies needed for the following school year.   Obtain supply lists from our school staff, provide details for publicizing the event, and coordinate with vendor, Carlson, to set up the ordering process and have the kits at school next year and distribute to each child's classroom.


Spirit Wear Committee
Chair:   Chair--Megan Glazer

Help to plan, publicize, and sell Indian Trial sprit wear for the year.  Seeking volunteers to help organize the purchases and distribute.

Fine Arts Committee
Chair:   Co-chairs - Shirley Harwood and Debbie Lund

Get into the classroom to teach children about great artist and lead a related art project.  Presentation and art supplies are already prepared, so no experience necessary.  Also opportunities to help facilitate the program, e.g., by keeping art supplies stocked and tracking to ensure all classrooms are exposed to presentations.

Room Parent Committee
Chair:   Sarah Snodgrass

Become a room parent helping out your child’s teacher.   If interested, help to manage the Room Parent Program with communications to all room parents of responsibilities. Coordinate the class parties and NEW THIS YEAR: MUST help with the yearbook!!!

Advertising & Sponsorship Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs - Open

We need help contacting local area vendors to be sponsors of our Indian Trail school with differing opportunities to advertise on our PTO website, PTO newsletter and participate at PTO events.  We have the vendor contact list and sponsorship program already designed; we just need help implementing it!  Parents willing to email and call vendors are needed.  If you have a background in marketing or sales or are just plain detail oriented to track that calls are made and advertising materials collected from the vendors, we can use your skill set to Co-Lead this team.  You will have a direct impact raising funds to be used for the school and our children. 

Lunch Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs--Open

Work with Marla's Brown Bag Lunch creating the year's schedule for lunches.  6 hours of volunteering throughout the year.

School Picture Day Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs - Alisha Levin and Dorota Wandycz

Attends and facilitates Picture Day; coordinates with Color Portraits in scheduling picture day (September) and the 5th grade class picture (May).


Cocktail Party Fundraising Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs- Debbie Lund and Open

Volunteer to host a cocktail party at your home for parents with children in the same grade as your own kids or to help plan these events.  At these parties, parents have fun socializing and learn more about how their PTO donations support school needs. 

Communications Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs - Heather Dainas and Open

Depending on your schedule and interest, help us to write the PTO newsletter, provide information for our Principal to include in the Trailblazer, update the PTO website, input information into the PTO directory app. and assist other teams with flyers or other materials to publicize PTO events and programs.  If you enjoy writing or have time to type in data or create electronic flyers and other PR materials, we can use your help!

Family Dinner Night
Chair:   OPEN

Organize fundraising events and opportunities at local venues and help us to publicize the events.

Fun(d) Run Committee
Chair:   Co-Chairs - Jill Kirschenbaum and Open

Serve as liaison to the Fun(d) Run Committee comprised of parent representatives from all District 112 schools.  Your involvement can be as simple as helping to publicize the event at Indian Trail and working with the PTO and teachers to encourage student participation, or you can also help plan the Fun(d) Run event itself.   This 5K run/walk starts and ends at Ravinia and brings together District 112 families to raise funds used to assist students experiencing financial hardship with school supplies, fifth grade yearbooks, and scholarships to participate in grade level field trips


Spanish Translation Committee
Chair:   Rosi Perea

We have a large population of families for whom Spanish is the primary language spoken at home.  If you are willing to help translate some of our PTO communications written in English into Spanish, please volunteer.  This will be a great help. 

Chair:   Co-Chairs - Open

If you love crafts and decorating, this is the team for you.  Add a design flair and personal touch to the things our PTO does for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, for students on the first day of school, and for other PTO projects identified throughout the year.